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Welcome to Bridget Crouch's music performance coaching and consultancy website.

Bridget comes from a musical family. Her mother was a violinist and she made sure her children all had the opportunity to receive one of the best musical educations that Europe had to offer.

From the age of 4, Bridget started having lessons with the great violist, Margaret Major, of the Aeolian String Quartet. She was 6 foot 2, and Bridget was 2 foot nothing! From this illustrious beginning, she went on to have lessons from the best in Europe, including Pamela Spofforth, Sheila Nelson, Emmanuel Hurwitz, Hariolf Schlichtig and the great Max Rostal. For chamber music, after years of courses at the National Academy Pro Corda her studies culminated in Germany with the Amadeus Quartet.

For 10 years Bridget was a musician for the Royal Shakespeare Company in London. Being part of the Company involved playing live on stage (in costume as part of the production) as well as in the pit or piped from the studio. The experience of sitting on stage from 7am – 11pm in production rehearsals watching the world’s best actors being directed in stagecraft and presentation inspired her to think about how this could be used in musical performance.

“Performing on an instrument is communicating a drama in sound.”

Here in Australia, she would like to help performers and teachers to explore the possibility of a new kind of awareness – physical, mental, and soulful. To produce deeper and more meaningful performances, encouraging people to live through the music and discover how the music lives through them.